8 Common and Interesting Myths About Making Money Online

Written by GK on October 2nd, 2014

These days we are hearing a lot about various online money making activities and even gets a chunk of emails offering help to earn passive income online. Most of us gets lured into the option as majority of us loves to work from our own house rather than going to an office and work their under any managers. We all love to make our own money without doing a regular job and for this internet is the most suitable option available so far. There are a lot of opportunities on the internet where we can make a pretty decent earning that can very much support our life the same way as we earn from a day job.

The aspiring new comers on the digital money making arena have a lot of dreams about their venture and also follows a lot of myths that indeed lands them in danger in the long term perspective. There are a lot of articles and blog posts that talk a lot about the positive side of the online money making platform to attract people towards them. Most of the people who wish to earn passive income online go through these articles and gets brainwashed with a lot of myths. They believe in those myths and once they find out that these are all myths, they really feel dejected and also will be in a position from where they could not easily make a comeback.

Here are some of the most common myths that surround the people these days about various online money earning platform. These are very much interesting myths, but better always stay away from these and understand the reality. So here goes eight of the most common myths that I think is being followed by a lot of people.

1) It is too Easy
Most of the guys who are not yet into the online money making activities considers this as a method through which money can be minted easily. They consider that it is too easy to make money on the internet, but the real fact is that it is never that easy to earn online. If you go through the experience of famous online money makers, you will really understand that they really came through and still going through the hard roads.

2) Anyone Can Do it
This is another major myth surrounding the practice of earning money over the internet. Majority of the people consider that anyone can do it as they really underestimate the fact that this is not the stuff for all. People having certain personal qualities in online money making are the ones who are more likely to succeed in this area. One needs to have some qualities such as dedication, hard work, brilliance, creativity, patience and alertness to become a success in making money online.

3) It is Everlasting
Everyone thinks that the income stream through various online money making platforms are everlasting and will continue throughout your life once you join them. This is totally a dangerous myth, as there are no everlasting online money making programs available and it can come to an halt at any point. It might be due to your lack of interest or the money earning platform itself might fade away in the long run.

4) No Investments
Most of the online money generating programs projects them in a better way to the online users and most of the people are under the myth that these programs that help to earn passive income online do not require any type of investments. Actually the fact is that there are free as well as ones which require some sort of investments. Even with the free money making programs, time is the major investment and you need to invest your valuable time and energy for the same. So all money generating programs require some kind of serious investment either in the form of money or time.

5) Only Few Are Scams
We all come across various articles and posts on the internet which tells us about different money making programs that have turned out to be major scams. On the other hand there are also articles about legitimate online money making programs that send a positive influx into the minds of users. Ultimately the users have a trend of believing the myth that only few of the online money making programs are scams and majority are legitimate. But the real truth is that majority of the online money making methods are scam, where as only a few selected of them are legitimate to work upon.

6) It is Tension Free
Who doesn’t love to be engaged in a work that does not offer any tension at all? We all do, right? A tension free atmosphere is something that draws a lot of people into online money making activities, as they might be very much stressed with their regular jobs. But they are indeed in the shade of another myth that online money making is stress free. Actually it offers more tension than your regular jobs, as you always need to be on your toe to generate income for your earning. If the income decreases, you will become more stress to find out the solution. But in your office jobs, even if there is less work on certain days, you will not need to worry as you will be getting the salary at the end of the month.

7) You Can Relax a Lot
Internet money making activities are always seen as a perfect thing to do and a great place to relax. Since you are the only one responsible for your earnings, you will not get any time to relax, as you will always be in the search of various things that can fetch you money and make your life comfortable. So the term “relaxing” is something that is forbidden in the online money making scenario and once you start relaxing, your earnings also goes down.

8) You Need to Have a Blog or Website
Those who wish to make money online follows a major myth that they need to have a blog or website to start earning online and they see this fact as a major barrier between them and their desire to earn money online. The real truth is that you need not need to run or own a blog or website and there are various other legitimate platforms that allow you to earn decent money on the internet without having any blog or website.

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