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Written by GK on September 29th, 2014

These days people are always after various methods of earning passive income online and the internet offers a wide range of opportunities where you can earn and make a decent earnings. The fact is that it is never going to be easy to make a steady earning online and it requires months or years of dedication, hard-work and patience. You cannot become rich online all of a sudden and if you check the stories of famous people who are successful at making money online, you will realize that they have struggled a lot in the initial periods before making it big.

If you do not have the patience to make money online and you need some quick cash, then Bubblews will be the best thing for that. Bubblews is an online content sharing platform, where you can contribute content and share it with a huge user base. All your views and comments on your posts will earn you money and there is also an option to like your posts. Each likes on your posts will also help you earn money.

As with other social media Bubblews also allows you to make friends and here your friends are referred as “Followers” and those whom you follow are called “Following”. You can make some genuine followers and when you post anything new, the notification will be send to all your friends on Bubblews and when they view, like or comment on your post, you will be earning money.

The sites has been around for more than one year and have a large number of user base, which is growing rapidly on a daily basis. They also have their own terms and conditions and violating them will result in the ban of your account. There are a lot of people who got their account terminated by the Bubblews team due to spamming or other activities that does not comply with their rules and regulations.

Once you earn $50, you can redeem your money and your redemption request will be process by the team at Bubblews before payment. These days it takes around 30 days for the redemption process to be completed and after that the money will be send to your PayPal account. There are a lot of people who earn a decent amount of money from Bubblews and few of my friends earn around 30 dollars in a single day. It all depends on how good your content is and also on the number of followers you have.

Unlike other content sharing platforms, you do not need a huge article to post and just maintain a character limit of 400. It is pretty much easier to write and you can share anything that you would like to write about. You can also a single image along with each posts and you can even embed Youtube videos with every posts, which make this platform more interesting and interactive.

For the time being, Bubblews is working well for everyone and am not sure how will it preform in the long run. But for those who need some extra cash or passive income, Bubblews is something worth that can be tried.

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