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Written by GK on March 3rd, 2014

URL shorteners are one of the most useful tools when it comes to sharing links on various social media platforms. There are a lot of URL shortners available which helps us to shorten long links and send as a message on different social media channels. Most of the social media websites restricts the length of messages to a particular limit and this is where the URL shortners comes handy. People can shorten any long URL address and send it across as shortened links and the user will be directed to the original URL when they click on the shortened URL.

One of the best thing about the URL shortner is thatĀ  there are various URLs shortners services that allows you to make money online along with sharing links on various social media websites. For evey click that your shortened URL gets, you will be paid a small amount and the more click you get on your link, the more amount you will be earning online. Money earning URL shortners have been there for a while and every day you can seeĀ  a lot of new paid URL shortening services on the internet.

SHORTE.STOne of the latest URL shortner service that allows you to make money online for each and every clicks is As the name suggest, this service helps you to submit and shorten any long URLs and share it on various social media websites. There are a lot of people who are making decent amount of money online through this URL shortnening service. The amount for each click is very small, but if you are able to attract a bigger number of clicks on your shortened links, then you can earn more.
shortest is very much easy to join and once you join you can start shortening URLs and send it across various social media channels. This URL shortner provides a pretty decent dashboard, which helps you track the status of each shortened links that you have shared. The dashboard will show you useful information such as the links you shortened, the number of clicks it has received and ultimately the amount you have received for clicks from each links. This will pretty much help you in track the performance of your shared URLs.

If you have a strong social media presence and a good number of reliable followers, then you can easily make easy money online with as you links might get shared virally resulting in a large number of clicks. The better part of is that it allows a minimum payout of $5 which is very much impressive when compared with many other URL shorteners. Once your online earning reaches $5, it will be transferred to your PayPal account that you have provided.

So if you are really serious about making passive income online, then you can certainly give a try as this is really an amazing paid URL shortening service. We all love to make money online sitting at home and also tries out a number of options to make it happen. is also one such platform which you can really give a try and see your online income rising to a new level.

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