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Written by GK on May 8th, 2012

The concept of making money online by sharing files on the internet has become a popular way of online money making. The concept is simple and if you have the right files to share on various file sharing sites, then you would be eligible to make huge amount online without huge investment. There are a lot of websites which allows you to upload and share your file to large audiences. Users can download your file for free or for a small amount depending upon the plans offered by the website that allows you to upload your file.

The concept behind making online money by uploading or sharing files online is that whenever someone downloads your files, you would be getting a small amount of money and this depends on the website where you have uploaded your files. There are a lot of websites which allows you to make money by uploading it on their website and letting others to download it. You can upload any files that are useful and once they get viewed or downloaded by anyone, you would be getting a good share as commission.

Making money online by sharing files online seems to sound easy, but you must make sure to upload files that are useful for others rather than just uploading useless files. Once your uploaded file is downloaded by anyone and finds it pretty useful, it would be recommended to others and your files will be getting more downloads and the money coming to your account increases.
There are a pretty good number of files which allows you to make money by sharing your files on their server. Some of the well known sites which offer money for uploading and sharing files are HotFile, Uploading, DepositFiles, FileFactory, Crocko, FileSonic etc.

All the above mentioned sites offer money when your uploaded files get downloaded by anyone and the amount of commission that pays vary between them. But this is yet another great way of earning money on the net and there are guys who are making real serious money through these file sharing sites.

While choosing sites for uploading files and making money, you need to check the authenticity of these sites as there a  lot of sites that claim to pay you huge commission for sharing your files, but in the real fact they do not pay in the right way. Here you would get stuck as you do not get paid for your files being downloaded and end up wasting your precious time.

So do not jump directly into any online money making program that offers money for uploading files. Rather enquire about these sites on the internet or by consulting friends who are making money through these file sharing sites. Once you are pretty confident and sure, then you can go ahead and register with these online file sharing sites to make some real money online.

Once you start getting money, you will be more motivated and will end up uploading more useful files on these sites and make more money online.

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