How to Make Money Online with YouTube

Written by GK on April 22nd, 2012

YouTube is one of the most popular online video sharing website and is one of the most visited website on the web. YouTube is used for uploading videos and sharing it with others over the internet. You can search for any videos on YouTube and if the video is available, it will be listed in the YouTube search engine.  You can share, comment and vote on every video and the video with more rating and comments would be the most popular.

For video Publishers, YouTube is one of the best ways to make money online and this is an area of online money making activities that everyone is not aware of. If you have some good videos and publish it on Youtube on a regular basis, then you are a potential candidate for earning handsome money on the internet without investment. YouTube offers a Partner Program through which you can earn money online and to all it is free to join the YouTube Partner Program.

The online money making program by YouTube is very much associated with Google Adsense and to start making money with YouTube, you have to first have a valid Google Adsense account. After that you have to enable your YouTube account for monetization and unless you do that your videos would not be eligible for monetization and you would be missing out on the opportunities to make money online.

Once you select the option to enable your YouTube account for monetization, then your account will be approved for the monetization eligibility within few days and you can start earning money through YouTube. The basic idea behind the concept of making online money with YouTube is simple and all you need to do is to upload your own videos on YouTube after enabling it for monetization. Once you upload the video on YouTube, Google ads would be placed inside or near your videos based on the title and description that you have provided for the video.

So whenever someone clicks on the Ads placed on your YouTube video, you would be earning money for that. The more clicks you receive on the ads on your video, the more would be your earning potential. Since the money making program that YouTube offers comes from Google Adsense account and if you have a Google Adsense account then you could easily start monetizing your YouTube account and start earning online.

In order to get more revenue through your YouTube videos, it would be better if you promote your videos through other online channels and get the most number of visitors to your videos. If you promote your videos to international audience , then your online earnings would be higher and you can do it by uploading videos that can be marketed globally.  Also create videos based on the keywords that return more earnings for click and you can use Google keyword tool to identify the keywords that gives the highest payment for clicks.

So if you have a valid Google Adsense account and have a passion in creating videos, then you can better earn through your videos by uploading it on your YouTube account and monetizing your YouTube account.

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