Youngsters are always after easy ways to make money

Written by GK on March 12th, 2012

The world today has changed rapidly and everything has become fast and precise. So is the people who live in this fast world, and they have become too fast and busy that they even don’t have time to spend with their family and friends. Most of the people are always busy with different ways of making money for their living. Many of them are employed with some company, some are doing their own business and some are engaged in some other means to make money. The end thing is that none of us are able to spend time with each other and share our problems and other things.

The youngsters are also out there to make some cash to meet their daily needs and most of the young brigade likes to make it fast and in the easiest way. Majority of them are not showing the patience to carve a career and earn money in the most traditional way. Rather majority of them are after easy become rich programs such as MLM and other similar platforms. Majority of them end up in the losing side and by that time they would really find it hard to accept the reality.

I know few guys who are eager to make money, but they want it immediately and do not like to follow the traditional ways. By going after illusive quick rich programs, they often get isolated from the society and in the future they have more chances of becoming burden to the society and the country. In the present era of Internet world, there are a lot of offers on the internet which claims to be one of the best way to make money online and youngster easily fell prey to these sites. 70 percentage of such sites are fake where as there are a handful of them which are genuine.

But the youngsters do not have the time to identify the scam sites and often end up losing their time and effort. After that they try another scam program and this continues till he tastes failure 5-7 times and almost after that he would start thinking of different ways to make money. Some of them goes with the genuine and traditional ways of making money, where as some still persists with the idea of making quick money by any means.

Some of the major reasons that I feel about the youngsters hunger for making quick money by any means are listed below.

1) They want to earn reputation at a quite younger level and overtake their elders in the shortest span of time.

2) They have less temperament and do not have the patience to wait till they get rich by the legitimate ways.

3) They are eager to stay afloat with the modern trends and technologies.

4) They have a huge sense of inferiority complex, which prompts to make quick money and show themselves as superior among others.

5) Over comparison of the parents with fellow youngsters leaves a bad mark on the young guns and this would turn them away from the legitimate ways of earning money.

6) The modern entertainment media have a great role in creating youngsters with this type of attitude.

My request to all the youngsters is that there are no real shortcut for success and you have to work hard to climb up the ladder of success. Even on the internet there are a lot of legitimate jobs such as online marketing, blogging, consulting etc which would help you to make money online in the most genuine way. Just explore them and once you start earning from the net, then keep on working until you get a steady income from the net. There are also many other offline jobs, which can get you a good amount of money in the legitimate way without waiting too long and they include jobs such as insurance advisors, share trading, technical consultant etc. Just go out and explore the vast area infront of you from where you can get a good amount of idea regarding ways to make money.

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