Make Money Online With GDI (Global Domains International)

Written by GK on March 13th, 2012

GDI or Global Domains International is a worldwide domain name registry and its extension is .ws. The GDI Product comes with an attractive package of $10 per month for all and this package include own domain name, hosting account, email accounts (upto 10) and an easy to use online website builder tool. With the free website builder tool GDI helps you to create a world class website within few minutes, even if you don’t have the basic web designing skills and knowledge. For those who want to test the efficiency of this web product, they offer a one week free trial and if one is satisfied with the product they can continue and otherwise they can ignore the product.

How to Make Money Online with GDI
Now how to make money online with GDI is the main question that would come across you and let me explain it. Hope that you have heard about Multi Level Marketing in real life and you would be quite aware that a lot of people have made huge money through MLM activities. Similarly GDI offers an online MLA program which helps you to amass unlimited money over the internet. The online MLM program offered by GDI is a  5 level Uni-Level compensation package which helps you to amass huge money on the internet provide you work in the proper and recommended ways.

Initially you have to join the GDI program online and invite or persuade others to join GDIs web and domain hosting program. The maximum limit is 5 members and again each of these five members have to add five each and this chain continues. For each member that joins under your referral for the domain registration, you would be paid $1 per month. In this way if the 5 members referred by you joins the web and domain package, then you would be getting 1$ each from 5 members. This is the initial pay strategy.

The next thing is that when the second level of these 5 members referred by you joins another five people each into the program you would be getting again $1 for each registration and the chain continues. In short there would be no limitation on how much you can earn and the more members there are under your chain, the more you would be earning online.  A lot of people are making huge money online through GDI and since it is in the initial stage, this is the best time to enter this program and earn cash online.

Here are some basic steps that are to be done to make money online with GDI

1) Join the GDI (Global Domains International) Program.
2) Refer 5 members under your network.
3) Encourage and hel them to refer more members under their network.
5) Get commissions for all the product registration that comes under your network.
6) Keep on growing your network.
6) Keep on making money online through GDI.

Since this is a new thing, you could easily make money online as you could have the advantage of getting referral without too much difficulty. But make sure that you select the best referrers so that your chain do not break up in the middle.

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