Make Money Online Legitimately with Adsense without Investment

Written by GK on March 2nd, 2012

Adsense is one of the most popular content advertising platform offered by Google and is one of the best form on online advertising so far which helps to make some legitimate money online without any investment. Adsense advertising platform allows website and blog owners to place ads on their websites or blogs and when someone clicks on this ads, the webmasters or website owners are paid a share of it.

This is one of the most common ways of money making online and this has been adapted by a large number of people. But it is not that much easy to earn money through Adsense, as you need to have a solid and informative website with a good number of traffic.  Once you have a good website, you can apply for the Google Adsense program and after few weeks your application would be approved or rejected based on various parameters. Once your application gets approved, you would be able to place the advertisements on your website. All the visitors coming to your website are not expected to click on the ads, rather only a small portion of them might click on your ads.

The number of clicks that you receive on your ads depend on many other factors such as your ad placement, ad relevancy, ad fonts etc. You also cannot expect to cheat Google by implementing fake clicks and once Google detects this they would terminate you from this program. So better go ahead with the most ethical way of online money making activities rather than doing illegitimate ones.

Once you reach a minimum amount of $100, you would be paid by Google either by check or account transfers. You can also set your payment amount level based on your requirements. If you have few websites with a decent amount of content and traffic, then you can easily make money online through Google Adsense program and there are a lot of people who lives simply by the earnings they make from Google Adsense.

Below are the basic steps that involves making money online through Google Adsense’

1) Create a Website
2) Add enough content
3) Promote the website to get more traffic
4)  Apply for Adsense program
5) Wait for the approval
6) Once approve by Google, place the ads on your website
7) Wait for the clicks to come on your ads
8) Get paid
9) Continue promoting your website.

Adsense is one of the best way to get paid, as lot of advertisers are using Google platforms and the chances of getting more ads and clicks on your website would increase naturally. Do not do any unethical way inorder to earn more from Adsense, as Google is too smart these days and may ban you Adsense account without any notification.
So do things in the right way consistently and you see yourself earning a handsome amount from Adsense. You can also increase the number of website and this will add more to your online revenue, provided the additional websites have enough relevant content and traffic.

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