The Challenges in Making Money Online by Watching Videos

Written by GK on January 10th, 2012

I have mentioned earlier in my post about making money online watching videos, about the interesting method of earning handsome money simply by watching third party videos. This is one of the best ways and there are a lot of legitimate websites that offers money for watching particular sets of videos. On the other hand a lot of scam websites are coming up with fake offers of providing money for watching videos. You will never get paid for the watched videos from these scam sites.

These are just one of the several challenges available in making money online by watching videos. In the above case you  will find it really difficult to distinguish between the fake and genuine sites which offers money for watching videos. For this you have to do a lot of research on the internet and you can also take opinions from friends. Otherwise you may fell into a trap set by a scammer and you would be wasting your time watching online videos without being paid.

Another major challenge is that even if you chose a legitimate site, you should try to make sure that the content of the videos are qualified enough to be watched infront of your family and relatives. You might be watching these videos in the day time and if the videos are violent, offensive or too sexual in nature, your family members might see it and leave a bad impression on your personal image. So better avoid such videos.

Apart from the above two issues, another major problem lies with the time that you have to spend watching videos. As in most of the countries the internet speed is average or below average and loading these videos would take a lot of time. So make sure that the time spend in watching these videos are worthy. The video watching method for making online money would also decrease your overall internet speed and you would also find it difficult to browse other websites.

If you are making money online just through watching videos online, then there would not be any serious challenges for your. But at the same time if you are using other ways of making money online, then this video watching method can really distract your activities due to the bandwidth consumed by the video sites.

Apart from these I have not come across any major issues and all these issues can be resolved if you deal it in the right way, as online money making really requires a different mindset and all things need to be tackled in a cool manner.

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