Why I Tried to Make Money Online?

Written by GK on August 4th, 2011

I have been trying to make money online for the past few years and have started succeeding in my mission to some extent. The reason why I tried to try my hands on online money making was the uncertainty in my day job. The private jobs are always under threats and one cannot say when they would have to leave the job or when they would be fired. Taking this account, I started thinking of making some smart money online so that I can manage my living expenses from this.

I had read  a lot of online articles related to online  money making and really got pumped up and couldn’t wait to try this out. I also consulted with some of my friends, but majority of them were not that much aware about the concept on earning on the net. So they were not able to provide me any good advice on the same, and I had to do a thorough research on the net to find out more resources related to internet money making.

Even though I got a lot of resources related to internet money making techniques, I was not pretty sure whether I would be successful, but was really enthusiastic about the same. I also came  across certain blogs which were based on making money on the internet, and these blogs gave me a much better idea about the online money making stuffs. These blogs were written by the experts in the online money making field and they had provided the stuffs in a much better way. These guys have beautifully mentioned how they succeeded in making money online, and the way they have presented the blog content was sure to attract a large number of people towards online money making ideas.

It was at that time that the global recession came, and a good number of my colleagues lost their jobs and went into deep financial problems. The massive recession once again prompted me to think about making some passive income and the internet was the first thing that came into my mind. I decided to start my activities related to online money making and initially I planned to start it in the small scale range.  The journey was somehow really challenging and at times I had even planned to stop my “make money online” campaign, but somehow I  hanged on to that till now. The rest of my experience would be covered in this blog in the near future.

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