Why I Started Off to Making Money Online

Written by GK on August 8th, 2011

I have been working for some companies for the last 7-8 years and most of them were private firms. The major disadvantage of working in a private company was there was no job security, you had to enter the office premises at the punctual time and you may not be sure when you would be able to leave the office. Along with this there were other issues such as partialities, harassments, non-payment, blocking of increments and bonuses etc. I had to experience few of the mentioned things which left a bad mark on  my mind about the private companies.

Most of the private companies praise you to get their work done, but once their work is done you would be at the receiving end. I am not pretty sure why this company behave in such a way and forgets all the good things done by us in a faster pace. Such bitter experience bought a feeling of making some extra money or passive income from other than the regular day job. I thought of doing part time jobs, but due to the timing issues and other related matter I gave up the idea of taking part time jobs. In part time jobs also you had to go and work in any of the private companies and face similar personal issues.

It was then I heard about the various scopes of making money online and I was really thrilled and excited about the same. After doing some research and making some consultation with my friends, I decided to move along with the online money making ideas. Within a few days I started of my  internet money making activities and even though I didn’t face success in the initial days, gradually I learned a lot of things which helped me a lot in the future.

Here are few reasons which prompted me to take the online money making way along with the day time jobs.

1) Job Insecurity
Private jobs always faced issues such as economic meltdown and other major business downturns, which led to job loss and even the company closing its operations. As a result we cannot be assured of our job every time and we need to have a backup for money in times of emergency. Making money online can provide you this money backup, in case you lose your job.

2) Company’s reluctance to offer increment and bonuses
There are certain companies who are just reluctant to offer the increments and other bonuses that they have to provide. Such incident really throw a bad feeling and really hurts our mind and leads to thinking of another money making alternatives to meet our financial deeds.

3) Politics in the Company Management
There are certain companies where you can see dirty politics being played and as a result you might be losing a lot of your financial benefits that you are supposed to get from the company. In order to make up for these financial losses due to the dirty corporate politics, it is better if you have an alternative method of making money in parallel.

4) Losing Interest in Day job
Due to the bad experiences from the office you may even lose your interest in you day job and this would also force you to do some other works which would fetch you some easy money. Internet is the best option and that is why I depended on the internet to make some extra money apart from the day job.

5) Flexible Timing of Online Jobs
Online money making always offers you flexible time and you can do you work, when you prefer to do, provided there is no deadlines. These flexible work timings really makes online money making a much interested things and that is also among the prime reason that I opted for internet money making activities.

These are only few of the reasons for taking online money making as a job and there are still a lot of other reasons and I will be telling you about those shortly.

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