How to Make Money Online Really Confused Me

Written by GK on August 4th, 2011

After deciding upon to trying my hands on online money making, I did more research on how to make money online and the end result was that I got really confused. Most of the online money making schemes required less investment, but the options were too large so that I could not really finalize on a single method of making money on the internet. There were certain options which required no investment at all, and the only cost included was that of getting an internet connection.

But I was quite aware that I would not be starting to make handsome money on the net instantly, and I came to the assumption that it is better to go on with a number of online money making methods. At last I tried to figure out my strength and decided which internet money making schemes I should adopt. After thinking about it for a few days, I finalized few online money making methods and decided to start with them.

Before starting, I didn’t inform it to all of my friends, as I was shy thinking about that they would laugh on me. I decided to tell them once I start earning some good amount of money on the internet, so that atleast I can escape from their discouraging comments and all. If I tell my friends that I am earning a good amount online, then they would come to me asking about it and would not dare to laugh at my initiatives. This was the thought that lured me and as a result I decided not to reveal it to them until I start getting some money via the internet. Mean I told 1 or 2 of my best friends regarding the same, and their response was really encouraging for me.

At the same time I was afraid about being a failure at my initiative, but I managed to get rid of those fears and made sure that such fears do not pull me back from my plans. I spend some time and started to make a small list of things that I could do in order to get money from the internet. I also made a small work plan regarding the timings required for each activity, as I had attend my day job. After figuring and listing out the activities, I started my online money making campaign in a slow manner. Initially I started by spending a few minutes on each activity on a fixed time interval, so that I do not get tired after my hectic day job at the office.

My initial experience with online money making activities would be soon covered in this blog and till then I hope you all to keep checking my blog.

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